About Uol Edtech

At UOL EdTech, we believe that The Future of Education is Digital

UOL EdTech is the education tech company for the UOL Group—Brazil’s largest provider of content, technology, services and digital payment methods.

Created in 2017 with the purpose of making courses and programs provided by educational institutions and companies available on a digital platform, UOL EdTech develops technology platforms and digital learning experiences for leading corporate education solutions and for the most innovative, fully online, MBA and grad school projects in the country.

We are currently witnessing the biggest transformation in the field of higher education in the last 100 years, with more and more fully online programs available to students. In addition, a digital transformation is underway across all business sectors, which has revolutionized the world of work and career development, creating the need for lifelong learners.

We believe in the potential of technology to transform education by providing students and professionals alike with a digital learning experience that meets the constant learning challenges of a digital world.


At UOL EdTech, we are rethinking education through the adoption of new learning technologies and methodologies. We live in a connected, online world. New knowledge is increasingly accessible at our fingertips. School is no longer just a brick-and-mortar institution—it is also an app on your smartphone. Digital education connects an entire ecosystem of students, teachers, academic content, educational projects and experiments, learning institutions, businesses and the job market.

It’s time to rethink how we learn and teach over the course of our lives.


The Digital School is the transformation of a brick-and-mortar university—it is on the internet, in an app, on social media, connecting knowledge, faculty, students and the whole community.


The Digital Professor is when faculty members go from being “knowledge keepers” to guiding students through the digital world, becoming knowledge curators, learning influencers.


The Digital Student goes from being an invisible presence in a crowded classroom and becomes a unique individual. And the entire learning experience starts to revolve around their wishes and needs.


The Digital Class is the evolution of the industrial-era class that churns out cookie-cutter students, and is converted into an interactive, technological class where students study on their own time, take on projects, and connect with peers and teachers wherever they are.


Digital Studying goes beyond preparing students to pass a test, shifting the focus towards the personal motivations of students, their engagement with the subject, and individual learning journeys. Digital studying is like stepping into Alice’s rabbit hole and discovering a whole new universe.


Lifelong Learning is a mindset in which studying after we graduate and get a job are never done—rather, it is a habit that we should cultivate for life.


In the Digital Economy, careers are becoming more fluid and uncertain, and therefore need to be purpose-driven and based on projects and achievements. In order to develop a career in a context of constant change, individuals need to be flexible and dynamic to acquire new knowledge as changes occur.


Digital Work is increasingly collaborative, interdisciplinary, multicultural, based on networks that connect people across physical or geographical barriers. To work in this new context, we need to learn a series of new skills.


The Science of Learning has been evolving from traditional pedagogical models to others based on data, neuroscience, and a new pedagogy for the digital world.

Student Success_

Student Success is no longer about diplomas and certificates—it is now based on the capacity to apply acquired knowledge, the potential for continuous learning, and how well students adapt to new environments.